Flexibility is one of the key features we offer here at JNJ Storage. Whether you’re just starting out or are a well-established company, there is no denying that having this flexibility can help remove some of the stress as you grow your business and your storage requirements change over time.

Self-Storage is Perfect for A Variety of Applications:

  • Simple flexible agreements. This is one of our most important features for both business and home storage customers. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment if it doesn’t fit your needs. If you no longer require our services, we need just two weeks’ notice. There are no long, complicated leases so you won’t be tied down to an agreement you can’t get out of! You can rent a storage unit for just a few weeks or months or, if you prefer, a few years – It’s up to you.
  • Easy Access. An important part of renting a self-storage unit is ease of access. All of our units are accessed by a pin code which gives our tenants access to the main warehouse and disarms the individual alarm on their unit. Access is not restricted and you can visit your storage area as often as you like during our opening hours.
  • Ability to Upgrade. The chance to expand to bigger units as the business grows is a real benefit of using self-storage at JNJ Storage. There are no penalty charges and no time restrictions if you scale your storage unit up, or down. We understand that businesses change and evolve over time and we can make it easy for you. The ability to adapt the space to fit cyclical requirements, such as during the peak sales seasons of the year, or to accommodate the needs that come with rapid growth, can truly make or break a business. Additionally there are no associated moving costs.
  • Flexibility of Services. Our business storage units and services are designed to ensure our customers get the very best business support. If you need boxes and packaging to store inventory, for example, we offer sturdy boxes capable of handling anything, from clothing to fragile, bulky items. To help you move or store your items, JNJ Storage also provide packaging tape, furniture covers, marker pens and bubble wrap.

Our units are suitable for a wide range of businesses and use and coupled with our service we are able to meet a range of different demands and needs. So, whether you need a place for storing surplus stock, or a unit to keep your business records safe – we can help.

If you want to discuss your business’ self-storage needs then give us a call on 01403 700840 or email us on info@jnjstorage.com and we will help you find the solution that fits you.