At JNJ Storage we strive to ensure customer service is at the centre of everything we do whilst continuing to offer the best quality storage facilities at the most competitive prices. A typical day begins by walking around all the units making sure all the units are clean and secure and checking for any health and safety issues or hazards. Enquiries that have come in over night are then addressed, replying to emails and telephone calls. The rest of the day then consists of meeting new customers, offering help and advice to potential and current tenants and general admin and finance duties. 

We offer a wide variety of packaging products to make transportation and storage of goods safer, and we are able to recommend our trusted preferred partners such as removals and local van hire services.

We are always welcoming new tenants, so developing and maintaining relationships with customers is essential, especially as it can be a difficult or stressful time, such as when customers have suffered a bereavement or are moving house. Our aim is to take all of the stress out of the storage process for our customers. I really enjoy the relationships that we build up with our customers and very often our customers comment that they feel that they are leaving the “JNJ club” when they move out! We have regular returning customers – some for a third or fourth time!

Caring for the environment is a keen interest of ours and a major part of our power supply is generated through solar panels and our office has recently become cloud-based reducing our reliance on paper. Security is also of vital importance in everything we do and we have the latest access control, alarm and CCTV systems. 

Our customers come from all walks of life, age ranges, backgrounds and areas and are what makes our days such fun – we always look forward to welcoming new customers and old 


Phoebe Nelson