Are you planning on moving soon and need self storage? Maybe you are having some renovations done or maybe you are just looking to make some extra space at home?

Whatever your reason may be for storing, it is always a good idea to bare in mind a few important things before ordering your self storage units. These tips can help you save any unnecessary stress and complications further down the line!

1. Consider the items you want to put into storage and possibly more importantly the items that you actually don’t need to store.

If you know fairly accurately what you want to store it helps us to give you guidance on the size of storage room you need. At JNJ Storage we are completely flexible and you can change your storage room at any time from the day you are ready to move in to the day you move out. We often have customers who store goods that they then decide to bin at the end of the storage period – often there are sentimental reasons but if possible it is best to sort out the items that you really don’t need before you put them in storage!

2. Create an inventory of the items you want to put into storage

This is a good idea because with the rush and chaos of whatever transition you may be currently going through, it can be very easy to forget exactly what items you have in storage. Making an itemised list of your goods before moving your goods is always a good idea: It will it help keep you organised and on top of everything and reduce the stress of moving day.

3. When using boxes, label each and every one clearly

When packing up your possessions, ensure there are sturdy boxes that are strong enough to stay in storage for the long term. (Boxes and all packing goods are available from JNJ Storage). Next make sure you label all of your boxes clearly. This will help when you come to and access your units and will save you a lot of time!

4. Disassemble large items coming into storage, or make sure you use the space inside bigger items of furniture to store smaller items

This important especially if you are storing long term, as you want to be making the most of the space you are renting and don’t want to be paying for unused space. If you find that you have more space than you need, we will help and supply a more suitable storage space.

5. Taking Care of your items when packing yourself!

If you are going to pack the unit yourself, there are a few things to consider with regards to storing all of your goods to ensure that they come out of storage in the same state that they go in:

  • Make sure to clean your appliances before storing, and store them with doors wedged open.
  • In a large storage unit leave access space – like a walkway down the middle. This will help you access items you put at the back of the space, but then realise you need to access.
  • Remember to remove all perishable and inflammable goods… such as aerosols and batteries. This is a matter of safety as well as common sense!
  • Always place heavy boxes at the bottom of the unit if stacking the unit high. In the event of boxes/stacks becoming unstable this will limit any damage to your items and anyone/thing that may be in the way!
  • Large appliances – Defrost fridges and freezers thoroughly and leave doors slightly ajar to avoid bad odours forming. You will appreciate it when you come to taking them out again!

At JNJ Storage we have the storage space, the equipment and the experience to help make your large or small storage as stress-free and straightforward as you hope it to be. Give us a call on 01403 700840 or send us an email to and discuss your needs with us.