With winter frustratingly around the corner it really is time for many to pop their pride any joy away. Some hardy motorcyclists stick to the roads all year round but a fair portion of us dislike freezing hands, constant cleaning of road dirt and moisture on metal parts, and other annoyances of winter riding.

Motorbikes are not small though. Tucking them into the garage or the shed is ok if you have room, popping a cover over is also an option. But have you considered self storage for your pride and joy?

Clean, dry, ground floor units from JNJ storage could be the perfect alternative to your damp shed or cramped garage. And you wont believe how cost effective we can be.

Our high quality, indoor and extremely secure units are easily accessible so you can pop in and keep your bike ready and charged for next year.

For long term storage where you are not planning to come and collect too often then drain the fluids (especially flammable liquids), give the parts a little spray lubricant and if possible bring a stand to raise the bike off the floor and avoid flat spots. Of course you can regularly come along and move the bike to avoid this also.

Dont forget you can store an awful lot of stuff around your motorbike so you could make a load more space at home as a side benefit to storing your pride and joy. Some insurance for storage is helpful so check yours incase it covers you anyway, otherwise our open cover insurance policy is completely flexible, and at a cost of just £0.75 per week + IPT (12%) for each £1,000 worth of cover, it’s great value for money.

You can also declare the bike off road and save a touch on your road tax whilst it’s here.

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