Whether you need to make space for relatives and friends coming to stay, hide christmas presents from prying eyes or just declutter in time for Christmas JNJ are here to help with convenient, secure storage.

Many of us play host to families and friends at Christmas. Some stay for the day, others arrive early and leave much later! In the run up to Christmas take the opportunity to use a self storage unit to declutter and make space for friends and relatives. At JNJ you can rent a room for as little as a week.

We all enjoy a surprise. Equally we all dread the moment of trying to hide presents when our kids climb on top of the wardrobe to establish precisely what they have for Christmas. It also doesn’t help when online sites actually tell your kids all the places you’re likely to try and hide their presents. If you rent a self-storage unit you won’t need to worry!

All our units at JNJ are in insulated warehouses, have individual alarms and access control with full security and CCTV. Rooms can be hired for as little a one week or as long as you need. With over 600 rooms JNJ has been offering quality self storage to the Pulborough, Horsham, Storrington, Petworth and surrounding areas for over ten years.